Entry #1

Wooh, User Page

2007-07-17 18:26:56 by Septenary

Yeahhh, this is exciting. NG redesign and stuff. My userpage looks kinda sad without any news, so I'm making this post.

I have no projects in the making so far, as I have several websites to make - including www.NightTowers.com, the broken link to which all my flash submissions have so far linked to. After that and a few other website commissions, I will likely be starting work on "Tower's Tactics: Deus Illum", if I have any free time during my senior high school year. :/

Feel free to send me a PM if you want to contact me at any time... though I can't imagine why. I'm surprised you're even reading this. :O


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2007-12-12 20:29:14

Where have you been lately on msn? Been hard to chat ja know.


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