Entry #3

NightTowers.com Redesign

2008-01-02 23:21:01 by Septenary

After several months of work, I finally managed to launch the redesign of my personal portfolio at www.NightTowers.com! Nothing much else to say... just visit it. ;)


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2008-01-17 21:13:10

It's brilliant kind sir! Just... :')

I miss the whole medieval look but heck, do what you love right? Keep up the good fight!

Septenary responds:

Why, thank you for visiting! :D

I miss the medieval look too, but I was getting complaints that dark, medieval towers were "creepy". :P I hope that by implementing a sky scraper instead, the site will look more "professional".

Best wishes for all your projects!


2008-02-28 22:46:26

Homy your sites are the shit lol. I wish I was as talented as you :P.

(Updated ) Septenary responds:

But you are! :D Now go make some animations that will inspire me to go do something.


2008-04-30 18:10:17

Hey it's me. I commented your game yesterday. I have an idea. For tower tactics, you could create a few number of specialized skills, and make them upgradable. This could allow specilization even when classes are the same. Also, the gods should do more than just affect favor. Maybe a god based attack that is unique for every god?

Septenary responds:

Thanks for your additional suggestions - I'll consider them. :D


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