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Nevermore 3 Nevermore 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is truly one of the most inspiring flash games I've played in a long time. Its peaceful environment and simple yet captivating storyline made me wish for more after it ended. The gameplay concept is neither original nor difficult to program, but the artwork was spectacular. I was stunned by the level of detail and imagination put into some of the scenes. The background music and sound also complement the game perfectly. "Nevermore 3" is evidence that a game does not need to feature mass deaths, strategy, revolutionary gameplay or even zombies to be a great success.

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Armed with Wings 2 Armed with Wings 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Nicely Made

When I first started playing this, I thought that this game would be an inspiration to future flash platformers and RPGs, and that it would set a new standard for future games of this type. Now, having completed it, I still think so -- but there are undoubtedly a few flaws that kept "Armed with Wings 2" from being the best it could be.
The animation was, for the most part, simply stunning. The fire effects and the shadow characters are very well done, and a pleasure to watch. Some of the backgrounds, I think, could have been improved - especially the "Home" area, and the "lava" under some of the platforms.
Like others have said, jumping is a pain. I never died by loss of health - but I died many, many times by falling onto spikes. It gets very frustrating, which takes away from the fun of the game. Additionally, I didn't like how the character can jump through the ceilings, which takes away from the realism.
I enjoyed the storyline - it's certainly very creative, and fun to follow. However, the game seemed slightly... incomplete. The levels were very short, and there wasn't even a level before the final boss. Furthermore, I was expecting to unlock more swords as the game went along, but only unlocked one after actually winning the game.
Lastly, I ran into a bug; while I was fighting the second boss, he stopped attacking, and I wasn't able to proceed. I replayed the level and got past him, but it was a slight annoyance.
This is, overall, an amazing game, and I would love to see a third installment in the series.

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Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Who Knew Strategizing Could be so Fun?!

This is most likely one of the best flash game submissions I have ever seen on Newgrounds. Its depth is unparalleled by any casual game I've ever seen before - the opportunities for customization are enormous, and each game can play out differently, depending on how you plan your advance. The graphics and sound are solid as well, and it's more fun than eating dead elephants in an ice cream cone in Africa. My only suggestion would be to crop down the instructions a bit - although I guess long descriptions are understandable, given how complex this flash is.

Five out of five!

Ancillary Ancillary

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Nice!

I have played your other defense game before, and while Auxillary is quite spectacular, it does not match up to the awesomeness that is Ancillary. The gameplay is wonderfully fun, and can provide hours of enjoyment, not only with the campaigns, but also with the challenges and rewards (such as trophies). The background music puts a nice finishing touch on the great graphics, forming the very flash game of perfection.

This game boasts some major advancements over its predecessor, and fully deserves a 5 / 5 and a 10 / 10.

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Subway Mayhem Subway Mayhem

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome, as Usual

There is no way that anybody can justifiably give this excellent game a bad rating. :O The controls, while a bit cumbersome, suit the bird's-eye-view well. The storyline may not be intricate, but it certainly is realistic and entertaining, which is all it needs. The voice acting is very impressive, with very little to no background noise. Overall, I feel that the 10/10 (and 5/5) that I have just given it is very well deserved.

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The Rise of a Knight The Rise of a Knight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My Kind of Game

Very nice game - I completely enjoyed the graphics and animation, and the gameplay itself was ok. As other people have said, it was slightly lacking in complexity, but I still found it a bit challenging at some moments: I had to use my shield strategically and time my attacks right to win (although I guess this may not have been totally necessary, based on other reviews). It was fun nevertheless.

As soon as I saw the title, I knew MaestroRage's work would be in it. :P Good choice of music. The ending cinematic was pretty suspenseful as well -- enough so to make me look forward to a sequel!

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SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you very much :)
Im glad you liked the game and used all the moves stragetically even though its not completely necessary. I was afraid people might find the ending very unsatisfactory and its nice to hear you liked it. I dont know if I'll start with the sequel very soon. Maybe I'll do some other projects first.

By the way your new site looks great and I think you totally nailed the whole "professional" feel. I'll visit it later and have a proper look around :)
Thanks again!

Cannon Chaos Cannon Chaos

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely Amazing!

Great game! I can't say it's very original - there seem to be a number of similar defense games out there already - but this one makes significant improvements on all of them. The "cartoonish" style graphics that the gameplay presented allowed me to feel more at ease with its environment, and the custom scenario feature was definitely a plus. Nuclear Tanks are pretty awesome as well. Keep up the good work!

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Suomaf responds:

Thank you.
It's nice to see an artist such as yourself finds my work well made.

Wiggi Dance Academy Wiggi Dance Academy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh god.

There goes any chance of my ever placing in the Wiggi World contest. This game was amazing! The gameplay frustrated me at times - trying to get the timing right - but that was probably just my own inaptitude. The graphics, as can be expected from Wonchop, were great, and the voices were very appropriate to the type of game. The tutorial was very complete, and was far better than the standard wall of text instructions that most games (such as mine) provide.

Overall, great game! Good luck in the contest, although you won't need it.

Ball Revamped 5: Synergy Ball Revamped 5: Synergy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


To be honest, the Ball series seems to be slightly used up. They all have small differences, but in the end, the feel of each game is very alike. Personally, they're not my type of game. I like to enjoy freedom when I am playing something, and freedom is the last thing that this game is about. Although there are several "power-ups" available, the player never gets to choose between them - the ones you pick up are predetermined by the levels' thin paths. :( In addition, I constantly found myself frustrated.

The graphics were ok. I found some parts - like the boss - to be slightly sketchy.

The hit testing may have been a bit off? I found that I kept dying on the boss, even when nothing was touching me. Also, on level 94, the moving box would move over the respawning point - meaning that if I died when it was there, I would die again several more times before the box moved away.

Overall, it's an ok game, although I do feel that it's slightly overrated. I can't possibly vote too low if you gave it 8 months of production time though. :P Looking forward to your future projects.

Wiggi Maze Wiggi Maze

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not horrible...

Well, I've seen worse games than this - it looks like you made a good effort. It is definitely lacking in formality in terms of graphics and gameplay, however. I would never suggest a colour changing background like that - not only does it lag, as you noted in your comments, but it's not the most aesthetic thing to look at either. As stated in past reviews, there also seems to be a lack of coherence in the game's objectives - it's all a bit too varied.

My relative was playing your game, when she started to laugh at a sentence you made - "Meet Buster with an adult present." I know that this means "Meet Buster when an adult is around.", but when you first look at it, it sort of looks like it means "Meet Buster, and bring him a gift that you've ordered from an online porn site." You might want to rework the wording a bit. ;)

Overall, nice attempt - Good luck in the contest!

Lantay77 responds:

Thanks for your review, and about the buster thing, yea I see why it sounds like that now.